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VSB Agile Modulator Merk : Pacific Satellite Kode Produk : PM - 2860 This agile TV modulator provide audio and video modulated RF signals on TV channel which is selectable throught frequency range: 45~ 870MHz. Any standart audio/ video source can be used: Satellite receiver, TV Camera, Video tape recorder or TV demodulator. Three pushbuttons on the front panel operate on a built-in microprocessor which selects the Video Carrier Frequency, the Video/ Audio Carrier Level Ratio and Video/ Audio Modulation Index. A comprehensive liquid crystal display, whose position on the panel displays the performed selection.The modulation process operates on a local crystal-controlled IF signal, which via SAWF is directed to a double frequency conversion that uses PLL synthesized local oscillators. SAWF filtering provides true VSB ( Vestigial Side Band) response and enables the modulator to be used in adjacent channel systems. An external IF loop permits the internally generated standart IF to be replaced by an alternate composite IF - stereo or dual sound, as well as to apply signal scrambling system.